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mccabe entrance thumbWe hope and trust that  you can find everything you require,   on our website; to understand that the Womens Methodist Episcopal Church, offers superior quality worship services,  uniquely relevant mission opportunities, and an exceptionally warm, loving christian fellowship experience.   We  are a deliberately close -knit, "Sisterhood of Believers," and their families.  We are deeply committed to   recruiting like-minded others equally willing to serve   God; through service to less fortunate  others.  We particularly reach out to, welcome and support,  the"otherwise-enabled, (i.e. the disabled) of our  communities, and their caregivers; as this is a burden which traditionally has fallen disproportionately upon the women of the household.

However, It is our primary goal and mission to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.  Recognizing that the hand that rocks the cradle rules...    We   seek  to meet  a mere fraction of the considerable holistic  needs of some women, in one small community at a time.  Ours is an effort to break  through any given  neighborhood's, long prevailing  cycle of loneliness, fatherlessness, and spiritual alienation.  Our selected tools of choice are  sisterhood and the  demonstrated  healing power of the cross of Jesus Christ; and his church.
  Essentially, we believe that Christian  leadership development must come firsthand; and how can they grow and develop a sense of ownership and responsibility without institutions, in which they are not relegated to second class member status; with no hope of ever being ordained or demonstrating executive  capability outside the kitchen, choir or usher board .  Even in 2018, across  all the African diaspora, and most denominational lines, we observe these limitations and forms of  discrimination against women in the body of Christ.  Therefore once we felt called,by God,  and  thereby  highly motivated and uniquely qualified, to provide   some  level  of holistic relief and support to all those open, willing and welcoming women;  within in a very small radius; a church of their own.  We launched out into the deep,and remain  trusting that "little becomes much when its placed into the masters hand."

First and foremost, we. the WMEC,  see ourselves as those committed to doing the work of an evangelist; as this is the only authentic mission basis and foundation for any church serious about living out the great commission.   Secondly, we strive to provide  ready access to information, i.e., the word and gospel,  by way of  general and demographically targeted bible studies.  These are followed by the  preaching of sermons based upon  interpretations grounded  upon the  truths emphasized in liberation theologies  and reflecting uniquely, black,  womanist and feminist perspectives of Christian thought,done in recognition of our status as being among  the oppressed. 
  Meanwhile,we personally pledge to  commit ourselves, to consistently  demonstrate what it means to be an exemplary model of one who radiates  love, justice,  mercy;  and what it means to be a contemporary woman  walking reverently and obediently with her  God.  
 In this way, we aim to personify Christ-like mindedness and behavior;while   tangibly demonstrating  the gracious  present and future  spiritual  blessings available to all who accept, respond  to and demonstrate a consistent   accountability  to the call and priceless sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;on behalf of all the world. 
Won't you  also  please kindly and  prayerfully consider joining and supporting us supporting us in this noble endeavor?   
We are asking you to partner,walk and work along side of us;  in reaching  just a little bit higher, through  the W M E C's dedicated  Christian Service  Initiatives, which require stretching our faith and understanding of grace daily, along  with a goal of   reaching  toward the next level in; yours, and our own,  Christian spiritual development.

 God offers bright hope for today and strength for tomorrow; to all  who will but humble themselves,repent, pray, and welcome  him to come into their hearts.  What more, to fairly and fully consider aligning with us;  you deserve to  be informed that we are an  exceptionally well informed and theologically trained, Bible- based church; which also aims to do everything we can to meet your practical, emotional and fellowship needs while exceeding your spiritual expectations.  The WMEC  strives to promote loving,  high quality personal  relationships, building up, aiding, and encouraging one another in the Spirit ; as an effective means of of propelling  both ourselves and each other  into a deeper,more authentic walk with God.  We confess, and believe, (James 5:16), that the fervent  prayers of the Saints availeth much.  Consequently, we rejoice in meeting the need  for assistance  whether, baby sitting, providing  relief for caregivers, or for each others elderly and disabled family members.    In fact, we rejoice and delight in  offering  hands on, and even  financial support,as we are able;  in the name of Jesus; whenever possible!
 Evangelization Training,Social Justice, and the Ordination of Women,are our specialties.  Taking care of our own, is our joy!  

Still, , we recognize that all churches, can, ought, and must exist; primarily, for those outside  of its membership and doors.

 We hold  a special commitment to the families of disabled children and  to all disabled adults;whom we (the WMEC)  affectionately refer to as "otherwise enabled"; believing that  we are all capable of in some way, sharing those unique gifts, skills and personal qualities which  God has endowed  and predisposed  each of us to have; for the up-building of his kingdom that all might worship and serve.   
With a variety of website  blog articles, upcoming  and expanding  shopping offerings from the WMEC Gift Shop: soon to feature, Wholesale Christian, and others, we're sure you'll be happy worshiping locally;serving the community,  and later  shopping online with us. Look around our website, and if you have any comments, questions,or concerns,  please feel  free   to e-mail me, the Archbishop; at .   I love answering questions and helping others to grow in  Christ Jesus; to the Glory of God!

 Please be  sure  to leisurely read, all the included blog articles; to move more fully and completely toward understanding  ,what we, the WMEC  are all about!   It's a"Born Again Attitude!"

 Then, kindly  join us for Worship, featuring  Spiritual  Food for Thought.  Visit our Veggie Soul -Food Cafe, enjoy evening gospel- jazz vespers,  and unmatched  Fellowship.  It's  all Resuming every 1st  Sunday ,beginning no later than  Sunday, March 6th, 2018,  at 2'o clock;  at Rosa Parks Chapel;next to the women's mission;and  continuing all throughout the New Year, 2018! Make a joyful noise; and remember to bring your harmonica and tambourine!
We hope to see you again! Please check back later for new updates to our website. There's so much more to come!