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Greetings  in the Name of the Lord!
Our church is based on (Matthew 28;14) and the belief that the "mission" of the Great Commission," to "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel, making disciples of all nations; really does mean, that evangelization of the lost and unsaved is, and quite rightly, ought to be; of the utmost importance in every church and/or denomination .
If your own church and/or denomination, has lost its "mission" in this regard somewhere along the way through misplaced priorities,distractions or come what may; be not despaired.
Please know that we will lovingly  welcome you with open arms here at the WMEC.
Please read our Mission Statement found in the blog section of the website. 
We aim to train, spiritually support and nurture evangelists and future evangelists. As  Our primary existence is  dedicated to saving souls; in obedience to that(Matthew;28;14) command.  We believe that" The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world";and why not the nation, the military, the church university, hospital, banks school, and other important institutions as well.  After all in 2015,  its certainly our time by now. 

Lets face it, today's  women whether  Christian or un-churched   are still  the primary heads of household, in most American  families.
We must  band together to insure that our most important concerns and responsibilities  in life, our children; are shielded, protected and fortified against all works of the devil including but not limited to police brutality, a less than world class educational system,   human sexual trafficking, social  media bullying,  radicalization,  exploitation ; and the prison industrial complex.  We battle not against personalities but principalities and the spirit of darkness in high places.  
Only the name and blood of  Jesus can save us.  We need to get radical about our own Christian religion and study the word of God together, in earnest.  Pray without ceasing.  And, get serious about loving the Lord our God, with all our heart mind  and spirit; and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  

Today we finally have the education, training and desire to make a better world through our unique God given compassion and gifts as mothers and women period.

As a result, a high percentage of our congregants on any given Sunday consists of several basic groups:(1)  Single parent  headed  families
(2)  Older and professional   women committed to giving back, as Christian sisters, friends, mentors,tutors, financial, nutritional,social work, and health care advisers, 
(3)  Spiritual mothers and friends; along with the magnificent and matchless, Christian  men, husbands, friends, neighbors and male youth, i.e., the men  of our own families and households, young and old and our most wonderful daughters who inspire, support us,  and look to us, for leadership and valid  female Christian examples.  A sister and a brother are both made for a time of adversity (Prov. 17:17) 
(4) young women- in- ministry seeking ordination from our denomination.
(Finally 5) Women who just enjoy good womanist/feminist  preaching, great music  and beautiful  worship services; that speak to and  address their own, real life challenges and aspirations and their deepest spiritual needs.  We at the WMEC, understand your circumstance.

If we are not  living in the last days and times then there are no last days and Christ is not coming back, the Prophet Joel,  has said,  in those days" I will pour out my spirit on all flesh ; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men will see visions and your young men will dream dreams; and all flesh shall see it together". (Joel 3:10)

Come join us in this historic and unique Christian endeavor to deliberately target poor disadvantage African American women and their families for leadership development, evangelization, and fellowship, ;at the Women's Methodist Episcopal Church, every 1st Sunday of each month, at 2' o clock 
McCabe Park Community Center, 101 46th Avenue North, just off of  Charlotte Pike at 101 46th Avenue,North Nashville, TN 37209.

Come join us!  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and soon deliver to you the best ordination, certification, evangelism training,  worship services, and unique mission opportunities available; either online, or in our host city, Nashville, TN.
Angela Driver
Founder & 1st Archbishop - WMEC
Women's Methodist Episcopal Church

P.S. we will resume services in our  exceptionally fine and well suited new location on March 6, 2016.

Meanwhile, please try to endure it just a little while longer; wherever you are for now - because we shall all be well situated someday soon,  free to worship together once again ;in the proper time,  place and manner that God has ordained for launching  the WMEC!

For now with graduate studies and my disability(a former stroke), I really must slow down, and focus upon my studies;however I can be found worshiping at Christ Church Cathedral in Downtown Nashville 8:30 am .  I firmly encourage everyone interested in our continued existence to join me there, blending in, and representing the WMEC in good fashion until such time as we can further advance with our own agenda as before.  See you all there on any given Sunday!


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